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From Houzz: Swaying From Sleepovers to Dinner Parties in a Colorado Tree House

Architect Missy Brown had been designing and building homes for a long time before she picked up a coffee table book about tree houses around the world. The book’s author was Pete Nelson, one of the foremost tree house designers on the planet.

Flipping through the book, she felt as giddy as a kid in, well, a tree house. So she booked a three-day workshop with Nelson in Seattle to learn the ins and outs — and ups — of tree house design and construction, then began building custom structures in and around Denver. “I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like tree houses,” Brown says. “Even when we’re building them, people get excited and come to watch them being built.”

Her latest design is for a couple who own several hundred acres of land in Vail, Colorado. Walking trails traverse the picturesque property in the foothills, connecting the main house to various picnic spots, small cabins and this new tree house, which hosts everything from grown-up dinner parties to grandkids’ sleepovers.

Read the rest of the article on Houzz and flip through the gallery above!

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Are U.S. properties a good investment for Canadians?

There’s been a lot of talk around the office as of late about investing in homes in the United States. Whether it’s about home prices in the States or any other reason, it’s a great topic for discussion!

Some markets in the United States have experienced significant depreciation in home values in the last few years. This market adjustment – combined with a strong Canadian dollar – have resulted in prices not seen by Canadian homebuyers in many years. Read the rest of this entry »

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