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Back to School Lunch Ideas

on 08/31/2013


Since Tuesday marks the big day, I thought I would share a few ideas for quick and easy back to school lunch ideas.


bites-019-med106083_vertFinger foods let you mix flavors and textures, and vegetables are fun to dip. Use cookie cutters to make cute shapes; serve with hummus or bean dip. (from: Martha Stewart)

pizza 005

Does your child want lunchables but you want homemade? You can both with with this Homemade Pizza Lunchables Recipe!


Looking for something healthy and delicious? Check out this recipe for an easy brocolli and cheese crustless quiche.
(from: Eating Well)

peanut butter and jelly

This may not be an option for a number of parents depending on where your child goes to school, but make up your peanut butter an jelly sandwiches ahead of time and, after wrapping, pop them in the freezer.  Now your lunches are stacked and ready to go whenever needed!


Send your kids with a healthy snack – popcorn! To make it even more delicious, drizzle some olive oil on top and coat with Parmesan cheese.  (from: Martha Stewart)


OR try these delicious cinnamon apple chips!

Best wishes to all of those heading back to school!!

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