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The Unofficial Last Days of Summer Part 2

on 08/26/2013

Can you BELIEVE it’s the last week of holidays before the long weekend?! It’s a bit sad, but honestly we’re entering into my absolute favourite time of year: Autumn!

Before the leaves change and school starts, here are a few more tips on how to spend your last few days!

1) Spend a day at Frenchman’s Bay
Soak up some sun, take a swim and just all around enjoy yourself down here. Cute shops, tasty food and delicious ice cream are abundant down here. If you want to skip the crowds stop by in the evening or skip over to West Shore for the beach there, which is dead quiet, crystal clear and a great hidden gem. To get to West Shore just head down Bayly to West Shore (Just east of Whites). Follow West Shore til the end and take the dirt road on your left until you reach the parking lot. Beach is on the other side of the road.



2) Hike the Seaton Trail
A 12.9km path through Duffins Creek in Pickering. Absolutely gorgeous! You can enter the trail from a number of spots, but if you have a dog the best is to drop by Valley Farm and Third Concession where there is an off-leash park along the trail. For more info visit

3) Have a picnic in the park
There are so many beautiful parks in Durham region, and they all make an excellent picnic location. Whether it’s Rotary Park in Ajax, Heydenshore in Whitby or any of the others, a picnic is the perfect way to enjoy the warm days outdoors.



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