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How to Make Your Own Headboard

on 07/11/2013

(Sidenote: This was written a few days ago, but I unfortunately was having problems with the computer! Sorry for the delay)

Happy Monday Readers,

Although we’ve been living in houses for years now, my husband and I are terrible at acquiring furniture and accents to actually finish off the house (you’ll rarely find even a picture hanging on our walls we move so frequently). Our rooms can tend to look quite unfinished and lately it’s been getting to me so I’ve been hunting for finishing pieces.

The biggest issue to me has been the master bedroom – nice and big, and SPARSE. We literally have a bed and two nightstands in there – no photos, no accent furniture (despite a nice sitting area) and no headboard. While on a headboard search I came across a number of fabric headboards that were nice – but the price tags sure weren’t. Yes, it’s beautiful but I have a hard time justifying spending anywhere from $500 – $1500 for a relatively non-functioning piece of furniture. I could go on a pretty nice trip for that money 🙂

Solution? Build our own headboard. We’re both fans of fabric headboards and how hard could it really be? Turns out, not hard at all and a fraction of the cost.

I was planning on giving you a post outlining exactly what we had done with photos, but it turns out we didn’t take enough photos 😦 Sorry! So instead I’m going to give a huge shout out to the blog we followed, The Loftlands, where you can find all the insructions you need. It’s really a simple project (it took us about 3 hours from start to finish) and you can find our finish product photos below. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I am more than happy to answer!

Just a tip for the Durham Region folks – we bought our upholstery fabric from Sklar Peppler at Bayly and Westney in Ajax. The factory store has all kinds of upholstery fabrics for anywhere from $5 to $20/yard (FAR cheaper than a lot of what you’ll find elsewhere!) We used three yards of fabric for a Queen Size bed at a cost ot $10/yard for a total of $30.


Board cut to size and legs attached

Board cut to size and legs attached

Fabric from Sklar – $10/yard!



Almost done - we hadn't het finished the legs at this point

Almost done – we hadn’t het finished the legs at this point


Finished and in the bedroom!


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