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Our Second Flip – Before and After

on 05/10/2013

Happy Friday Friends! I hope everyone had a lovely week and that you got enough of a warm weather fill throughout the week since it’s supposed to cool off for the weekend.

I thought I would do another post on our house flipping. The second house we did was a 4-bedroom two storey brick home in west Pickering (right on the Pickering/Scarborough border) that had been built in the early 1980s. The home hadn’t had a thing done to it since it was built, and offered a perfect opportunity for us. Right price, large lot, steps to the Rouge Provincial Park, and loads of potential.

There were some rooms we had to do earlier than anticipated (one of the kitchen cupboards fell off in my hand when I opened it to grab a cup), but we managed to finish this home in just under one year while we were in the middle of planning our wedding. Not too bad!

We moved out of this place at the end of September and I honestly miss it so much. I’m sorry I don’t have before shots of the upstairs bedrooms, and unfortunately don’t have after shots of some of the other rooms in the basement. But I can promise it was a big difference! Great house, and the best neighbourhood. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any questions about the work I’m happy to answer!

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