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10 of the Smallest Homes in the World

on 08/11/2011

Home Sweet Home

I came across an interesting photo gallery today of 10 of the world’s smallest homes and just had to share. I’m not surprised Tumbleweed Homes made the list, these homes have been on my radar for years now and I think they’re just such a neat idea. (I actually once saw a Craigslist posting of someone who wanted to build a tumbleweed home in a family’s backyard – they could keep the house when the poster was finished living in it. That’s certainly creative!). Toronto’s tiny house is another home that many of you have probably seen, but some of the homes, such as the Rollit or the Eco Bike Trailer are way out there!

Take a look at the gallery and I’d love to hear your input – would you live in any of these homes? and if so, which ones? Personally I think it’s great to see a trend toward more compact living. I love green space, and this is definitely one way to preserve it!

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